The Chemistry Area of PEDECIBA exists since the foundation of the program. It brings together graduate students and researchers in: Analytic-Inorganic, Biochemistry, Physical-chemistry and Organic Chemistry subareas. Since its creation, it has supported research on different topics related to chemistry, also engaging in outreach activities, in response to the current needs of society and industry.

In its more than 35 years, around 150 Masters and 240 Doctors were trained within the Chemistry Area of PEDECIBA. The program has collaborated with financial support, for both researchers and students, including the implementation of its own mobility program with scholarships for graduate students, academic exchange, postgraduate courses, subscription and representation in academic associations, as well as the acquisition of research supplies and equipment.

Since 2009, the program promotes and organizes biennially the National Chemistry Meeting (ENAQUI for Encuentro Nacional de Química, in spanish), which has become a regional event. The conference brings together more than 450 participants, including national and international researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, and Chemistry professionals. In this event the Prize in Chemical Sciences for the best doctoral thesis is awarded since 2013.

Currently, the program has more than 160 postgraduate students between Masters and Doctorates, and more than 260 researchers in active, associate and emeritus roles.

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ICGEB: Llamado a proyectos de investigación CRP 2023

El International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechonolgy (ICGEB) ha abierto una nueva convocatoria del llamado “Collaborative Research Programme (CRP)”.


Octavo Encuentro Nacional de Química - ENAQUI 8

El Área Química tiene el agrado de anunciar el Octavo Encuentro Nacional de Química: ENAQUI 8. El mismo es organizado por PEDECIBA Química y se realizará del 18 al 21 de octubre de 2023.



Resultado de la evaluación internacional - Llamados ICGEB 2022

Felicitamos a los investigadores Martina Crispo y Pablo Smircich cuyas propuestas a los Funding Programmes 2022 del ICGEB fueron seleccionadas en la etapa de evaluación internacional.


Dirección del Programa para el período 2023-2027

La Comisión Responsable del Proceso de Adhesión (CORPA) convoca a la presentación de candidatos para ocupar la Dirección del Pedeciba en el período 2023-2027.

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