The mission of the UVITT is to give value and enhance the impact of the research carried out by the researchers of the Program and to facilitate the relationship between the academic and business environments.

The objectives of the UVITT are: 

  • Valorization of scientific research in the form of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of protection of Intellectual Property Rights. 
  • Search for companies for the licensing of technologies and patents. 
  • Search for funds for the success of research aimed at patenting. 
  • Technology transfer to companies, formulation of proposals and search for business partners. 
  • Promote the participation of PEDECIBA researchers in complex consortium projects, with national and international funds, with the participation of public or private companies. Formulation of academy-company joint projects. 
  • Promote the creation of technology-based companies (start ups) derived from research.
  • Give courses on Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer. 
  • Encourage and promote courses that provide soft skills to PEDECIBA students and researchers.




Licencia por maternidad y paternidad para estudiantes e investigadores

La Comisión Directiva, en sesión del 29 de setiembre de 2021, aprobó la propuesta de criterios de licencia por maternidad y paternidad para estudiantes e investigadores de todas las áreas. La propuesta implica considerar el corrimiento de los plazos en las evaluaciones, tanto para estudiantes como para investigadores.


Llamado anual a ingreso de investigadores

Se convoca a investigadores activos que deseen incorporarse al Área Biología.

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