The Área de Física of PEDECIBA supports investigation in physics and related fields and offers postgraduate education in physics, at both the masters and doctorate levels.  We support both experimental and theoretical investigations in a wide range of areas in the physical sciences. Researchers belonging to the Área work in acoustics, astronomy, biomechanics, field theory, climate science, quantum and atomic physics, solid state, high energy physics, medical physics, solar energy, computational physics, non-linear physics, teaching of physics, statistical mechanics of quantum systems, applied optics, and complex systems.

PEDECIBA Física is of key importance to Uruguayan physicists. It is an organization which brings together and represents the physics community, and it provides financial and administrative support. The Área helps cover various research costs, such as small equipment purchases and travel to international conferences. It hires specialized technicians, maintains workshops and purchases scientific bibliography. In addition it maintains international cooperation agreements and memberships in scientific societies.   The Área administers a program of post graduate studies in physics, and finances internships introducing undergraduate students to research. Finally, the Área supports the Uruguayan Physics Society, The Uruguayan Astronomy Society, the Physics and Astronomy Olympiads, physics conferences in Uruguay, and visits of international scientists, as well as other activities that benefit the physics community and society.

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2024 IEEE UFFC Latin America Ultrasonics Symposium

Mayo 8 al 10, 2024


"Litografía Ultravioleta Extrema en la industria de los semiconductores" - Seminario a cargo del Dr.

El seminario se hará a cabo de forma virtual, a través de Zoom, el próximo viernes 26 de abril a las 14hs (GMT-3).



Llamado para la Promoción de Actividades en todo el Territorio 2024

Se abre una nueva convocatoria del "Llamado a la promoción de actividades en todo el territorio".


Ganadores de los Premios "Roberto Caldeyro Barcia 2023"

En un reconocimiento a la excelencia académica en ciencias básicas, PEDECIBA se complace en anunciar a los distinguidos ganadores de los Premios Roberto Caldeyro Barcia en las áreas de Biología, Geociencias e Informática

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